06 Jan

Introducing Katy Lunsford

It's our pleasure to introduce to you lovely Katy Lunsford, one of the very first members of Specialens.com. Katy Lunsford is a Manchester based wedding photographer with over 7 years of experience.  Her documentary style with a blend of vintage makes her a perfect choice for your special day - no wonder she is our Photographer Of The Month for two consequtive months.

{SL} Hi Katy, could you firstly tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Katy and I am a wedding photographer, originally from Kent, currently based in Manchester but work all over the UK, (and more than happy to travel abroad for a pretty wedding!) I work mainly in the North West, London & the South East. I've been married for nearly ten years and I have a little girl called Sophie, who is 20 months and completely adorable! In my spare time I like good food and wine, pretty shoes, singing jazz and being in the sunshine. If the above are combined I am in heaven :)



{SL} Briefly, describe a typical day in Katy Lunsford's life. 

I don't think I have a typical day! It's one thing I love about my work, I could be sat at my desk editing/blogging a wedding one day, out on a shoot in my wellies in the countryside the next, editing into the early hours in my slippers one evening, drinking champagne meeting clients in heels at a chic hotel the next! 



{SL} When and why did you become excited about photography? 

I got my first camera for my 7th birthday while on holiday in France. I was already excited about photography before then as I'd seen my Dad and Grandad, both keen photographers, with cameras. I spent that holiday practicing, and haven't stopped since! 

{SL} What makes your job as a wedding photographer fantastic? Why do you love it so much?

Being part of someone's wedding is an enormous privilege and honour. You get to witness the most  beautiful, intimate moments - you almost become part of the family for a day. I love weddings, there's so much love and emotion and beauty to capture. I'm like a child at Christmas at every wedding! I love that every wedding is different, as a creative I love variety and new places and  experiences. Then I love seeing my clients faces when they view their images, and knowing that I have created for them a beautiful set of memories; a family heirloom that they will treasure forever. 



{SL} How would you describe your photography style? 

A little bit documentary, a little bit fashion, a portion of fine-art and a vintage twist :)


{SL}What has been your best memory since working as a wedding photographer?
There have been too many! I drive home after every wedding with a huge grin on my face, utterly exhausted but so, so thrilled to have been able to capture such significant memories for another family, and reminded of the important things in life. 


{SL} Where is your favourite shooting location and why?

Italy or France. For the beautiful golden light and the gorgeous backdrops, whether it's a vineyard, a crumbling farmhouse, an ancient doorway, an elegant villa or a beach… 

{SL} Any advice to couples when they start their wedding photographer search?

Hard as it is, don't make price your starting point. Look for a photographer who's work you love, where the images tell a story and make you feel something. Look on their blog for an example of a whole wedding to check the quality is consistent. Then meet the photographer, they will be with you all day so you need to be happy with them being around a lot. Find someone you click with. 


Don't forget to check Katy's profile on Specialens.com or visit her website!!


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