19 Dec

Introducing Simon J Coulson

Today I will be introducing another fabulous photograher from the Specialens clan. Simon J Coulson, Hampshire based wedding photographer, started when he was just fifteen years old, having been inspired by his father who loved photography. 


{SL} Hi Simon, could you firstly tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

 I live in Hampshire with my gorgeous wife Polly and my crazy boys Henry & Fred. I love most genres of music, cake 'n' custard and being outdoors.

{SL} Briefly, describe a typical day in Simon J Coulson's life.

 In the summer, breakfast with the boys then processing. In the winter, trying to catch up with everything I missed all summer. 


{SL} When and why did you become excited about photography?

 Since 15 years old, my pops has always been a keen amateur and is very chuffed I have taken his hobby and turned it into my career.  The 1st photographer that really inspired me was Martin Parr, he really does tell a story with every photograph.

{SL} What makes your job as a wedding photographer fantastic? Why do you love it so much?

 Every wedding is different and every bride and groom is different, I would become far too bored doing the same thing over and over. The challenges of being a wedding photographer are what make it a fantastic job for me.


{SL} How would you describe your photography style?

 I am a photojournalistic photographer. Each time a bride and groom look through my photographs I want them to find something new.


{SL} What has been your best memory since working as a wedding photographer?

Hard to pick any specific memory. I remember one of my couples came over to my place to view all the photographs and I gave myself 10 points when the groom cried (with joy!). I have also made some awesome friends out of previous brides & grooms.


{SL} Where is your favourite shooting location and why?

 If I had to choose, that would be Nonsuch Mansion in London, the interior is very cool, it makes for very interesting photographs. I very much enjoy photographing weddings at locations I have never worked at, keeps it extra exciting.

{SL} Any advice to couples when they start their wedding photographer search?

Make sure you get on with your photographer and make sure you look at lots of their portfolio, full weddings.


Don't forget to check  Simon's profile out on Specialens.com or visit his website!!


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