14 Apr

The One With The Unseen Footage - Competition

Here at Specialens HQ(!), we are so dedicated in showcasing our photographers’ work in the most creative way.  Now, we are trying to push creativity to another level through “The One With The Unseen Footage” competition.

It’s a fun way for photographers to show another aspect of their work with a twist. At Specialens, we love gorgeous settings, beautiful brides and photo-journalistic styles but now we are looking for those timeless unexpected moments of restless yawns and big smashes.


So, how does the idea of creating “The One With The Unseen Footage” competition for those funny wedding moments sound like?

I think it sounds like a great idea! The plan is from today till next month all Specialens members will be able to enter our funny wedding competition. We are looking for the most outstanding-hilarious photos you have ever taking at a wedding.

“We really want to find an image which captures that Oops momenton that special day …. Which brings tears to your eyes not so much tears from emotion but more from laughter!”

 We do not necessarily want just the bloopers but also those “special” moments were you feel nobody’s looking. A contagious yawn or resting the eyes while the ceremony’s taking place will do just fine! Just the photos you will unlikely see in a wedding album. Each photo will be put up on our Facebook page and the photo with the most likes will be the winner.


Winner: £350 pounds, Premium membership for free for 3months and also be feautured on Boho Wedding blog!!

Runner –up: Premium membership for 2 months and also be featured on our blog.

3rd Place: Premium membership for 1 month.

Not only will you get all that but also your work will be promoted through our Facebook and Twitter page through that week.


Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words but sometimes a title is worth 1,000,000 likes (I said that!) So, in that spirit, all pictures must be accompanied with a funny title. All titles must begin with “The one with..” or “The one where..”. Don’t worry we included some examples for you just to get the idea. If you cannot come up with a title just send it to us and we will do it for you. See examples below.

The One Where Nobody Showed Up

By Jonny Donovan


The One Where Homer Sees His Bride

By Andy Rapkins


The One With The Startled Bride

By Urban Bridesmaid


  • The competition is open to all Specialens members.
  • To be able to become a winner you must have at least over 10 likes on eachphoto entered on our Facebook page.
  • In the funny spirit of this competition, you need to tweet the following “I’m________ (use any words or sentence) and I know it @Specialens”. Use your creativity to fill the blank any way you like. The funniest/fabiest will earn 5 likes extra at the end of the competition. This is a must rule!!
  • You can tweet unlimited sentences to us!!! This way you can increase your chances at winning plus... it's just great fun!
  • Unlimited photos per photographer.
  • Submissions are free.
  • All submissions with over 10 likes will be showcased on our blog that week.
  • The entering date is 11/04/12 & the competition finishes on the 19/05/12.
  • Photographers can send pictures everyday.

Details that matter:

  • You need to send us your pictures on blog@specialens.com
  • We have the right not to post a picture if we feel it does not reflect thecompetition’s theme.
  • We have the right to change the title of your pictures if we feel it can servethe competition and you best.


We will start posting your pictures on our Facebook page on Thursday 19th of April.

For more details:

Pani at blog@specialens.com


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